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Quality is Key

Our premium cage nets, screens and backstops are treated twice with a special UV all-weather BSF paint treatment for exceptional durability and protection from the sun and weather. We have perfected this trademark dipping process through years of use on shrimp nets and now on sport nets as well. This treatment can only be found on Burbank nets and is ideal for protecting our products. We also offer re-dips for used cages which can re-furbish and give additional years of life to the netting.


#1 Stadium Backstops: We love the products developed and installed by Burbanks Sports. They did all the netting, to include a beautiful Dyneema Backstop System in our new stadium. We have received so many positive comments on the backstop system, primarily because it is very fan invisible with no poles or obstructions. Eli and his staff also designed and installed color coordinated padding on the walls and in the dugouts. Burbank Sports is known for on-time performance while staying within their original estimates. 

# 2 Hitting: I use Burbank Screens in our hitting training, both on the field and in our cages. I also use them to protect our pitchers. The screens are heavy duty, safe, and durable. I especially like the Full Protector All Aluminum Frame which totally protects the feeder or pitcher from any type ricochet. A coach needs to be sure all players and staff are safe during hitting practice. Burbank Screens give you a secure feeling.

Ralph Weekly