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Quality is Key

Our premium cage nets, screens and backstops are treated twice with a special UV all-weather BSF paint treatment for exceptional durability and protection from the sun and weather. We have perfected this trademark dipping process through years of use on shrimp nets and now on sport nets as well. This treatment can only be found on Burbank nets and is ideal for protecting our products. We also offer re-dips for used cages which can re-furbish and give additional years of life to the netting.


“After years of replacing our screen netting on an annual basis (because of holes & tears)…we were turned onto Burbank Sports Nets at the NCAA Tournament in 2009.  We called and spoke with Eli that summer and then purchased replacement nets for our L Screens.  We are so pleased with both the quality of the product and the customer service that Eli has provided, that we have recently replaced all four of our batting cages with Burbank.  Currently, there isn’t a piece of netting in our hitting facility that wasn’t produced by Burbank…and we can’t ever see that changing. 

We still use the original L Screen netting that we purchased over five years ago…EVERYDAY…and there’s not a blemish on any of them.  As a budget conscious program, the cost/quality factor is very important to us, and we’re sure that there isn’t a sports netting company out there that delivers a better product”

Ryan Hurba