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Quality is Key

Our premium cage nets, screens and backstops are treated twice with a special UV all-weather BSF paint treatment for exceptional durability and protection from the sun and weather. We have perfected this trademark dipping process through years of use on shrimp nets and now on sport nets as well. This treatment can only be found on Burbank nets and is ideal for protecting our products. We also offer re-dips for used cages which can re-furbish and give additional years of life to the netting.


Burbank is simply the best in baseball when it comes to sports nets, cages, BP shell, and all the needs of any division 1 program.  The galvanized protective screens and other equipment have proven to be durable and can withstand anything that a division 1 program demands.  Many programs will settle for lesser products and find themselves having to replace netting, screens, etc. after less than 4-5 years.  I have seen Burbank netting and screens last over 8 years with minimal wear and tear and the products the offer are worth every penny.  If you want to invest in the best go with Burbank – there is simply no substitute for what they offer. In addition to their product, I enjoy talking to all those involved with their customer relations and the promptness of any response and communication.  We have had a great experience with Burbank and look forward to working with them in the future!  

Head Baseball Coach

Scott Jackson

Liberty University