On Special This Month

Pro Full Protector Screen

$850.00 (Retail $968.00)

Pro Full Protector Screen “Bus-Stop”

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The ORIGINAL Full Protector screen, designed and perfected by Burbank Sport nets to provide complete protection while pitching or soft tossing. Great for Softball live pitching too. With the angled top, pitchers can go through their full range of motion without hitting their hand. Pitch holes with flap for right and left handed throwers!


  • Size: 7′ high x 7′ wide front with angled top and sides to 8′ high at back
  • Solid HD Galvanized sch. 40 steel pipe construction sides and front w/ aluminum top
  • Netting: SUPER DUTY #96 UV all weather BSF treated Front / #60 sides
  • Storage: Loosen bolts and fold frame up to fit flat against a wall 8″ x 7′ x 8′
  • Pitch hole for left-handed and right-handed pitchers with protection flap net
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Solid rubber tires