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Quality is Key

Our premium cage nets, screens and backstops are treated twice with a special UV all-weather BSF paint treatment for exceptional durability and protection from the sun and weather. We have perfected this trademark dipping process through years of use on shrimp nets and now on sport nets as well. This treatment can only be found on Burbank nets and is ideal for protecting our products. We also offer re-dips for used cages which can re-furbish and give additional years of life to the netting.


Eli, Johnny, Billy and the rest of the Burbank Family. I would like to take this time to thank all of for making Hitters Baseball Academy dream come true. Eli your net design has made the most of our space at the academy, your vision is second to none. The getter done crew of Jonny and Super D took your idea's and brought them to life what a great job they have done.

The quality of the netting is outstanding 3 years up used 60 plus hours a week year round and NO MAJOR PROBLEMS. When a problem has arrived your service has been great. Between pricing quality and great service Burbank Sport nets is the best we have ever dealt with, anyone who uses another net company is just doing it wrong. Thanks again and will be in touch soon for our new facilty RJ Fergus Hitters Baseball Academy Racine WI.

RJ Fergus