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At Burbank Sport Nets, we are the leaders in installation and custom fabrication of backstop, batting cage, barrier and overhead netting. All of our screens and frames are built in house and made to last!


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Our premium cage nets, screens and backstops are treated twice with a special UV all-weather BSF paint treatment for exceptional durability and protection from the sun and weather. We have perfected this trademark dipping process through years of use on shrimp nets and now on sport nets as well. This treatment can only be found on Burbank nets and is ideal for protecting our products. We also offer re-dips for used cages which can re-furbish and give additional years of life to the netting.


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The Burbank Full Protector screens provides us with an efficient and productive use of our facility for our amateur and clinic programs. It allows us the opportunity to easily move them to create stations within our field.
Joey Arrietta
Owner/GM, Akron Racers
I would like to thank Burbank Sport Nets for creating the qualities products they fabricate. Their products allows Spruce Creek High School to run a more productive and efficient practice. The best thing about Burbank’s products is that they last. I long as I am coaching, I will not use another manufacturer of nets. There is no substitute for the best.
Johnny Goodrich
Head Baseball Coach, Spruce Creek High School
Hurricane Irma left us without cages at the most important time of the year. Hunter Burbank immediately helped me begin to plan and identify what cage system would fit our needs and be also within budget. Josh Kubala, Project Manager was an integral part when it came to the small details and ensured the installation would go smoothly and be exactly what our program needed. Install crew Cory and Jeremy showed up to ready to work and took great pride in it! They were informative, knowledgeable and every minor detail was covered. From start to finish, in a time when we needed someone to come up clutch for us, Burbank Sport Nets did! They were ahead of schedule and under budget!
Brandon Reeder
Head Baseball Coach
Burbank Sport Nets deserves praise for their outstanding craftsmanship in the sport net industry. The products we use from them are durable and of the highest quality. Billy Burbank and Burbank Sport Nets will work closely with you to design, layout and install all of your netting needs. Burbank Sport Nets has gained our respect and we give them the highest of recommendations.
Pat McMahon
Baseball Coach
Burbank Sport Nets and their team of professionals has repeatedly provided us with high quality products, superior installations, and customer service that is second to none. We recently had a netting project that needed to quickly be turned around and Burbank Sport Nets designed, manufactured, and installed well within a tight timeframe. We were extremely impressed not only with the overall design and functionality of the netting system, but the professionalism and way they went about their business is what really made a lasting impression. We have been working with Burbank for the past several years and we are looking forward to continued business in the future.
John Turnour
Head Groundskeeper, Washington Nationals
We have used Billy Burbank and Burbank Sport Nets for the past three years at The University of Kentucky and we have been very pleased. The guys at Burbank personally installed the netting system in our new hitting complex and did a remarkable job. We also use the high-quality Burbank L-screens, sock nets, and fielding screens daily on our field. The customer service and timely manner that we receive from Burbank is second to none.
John Cohen
Head Baseball Coach, Mississippi State University
Burbank Sport Nets is an outstanding company, who provides us with the finest high quality and durable netting and screens in the business. On top of their superior product, their friendly and professional service is second to none. If you are in the market for quality netting and screens, look no further than Burbank Sport Nets.
Kevin O'Sullivan
Head Baseball Coach, University of Florida
We just replaced our chain-link backstop with a pro style net from Burbank Sports Nets and we are pleased way beyond what our expectations had been. Top-quality product; top-quality service; up in one day; minimal field-use interruptions; and best of all, it looks awesome! These guys have it down and they are a pleasure to work with.
Glynn Tschirhart
Head Baseball Coach, Alamo Heights High School
I have known Billy Burbank and his family for many years and I keep coming back for our netting and installation needs because the quality and service is simply the best. They are baseball people who know what our needs are. They helped design, and install our batting cage netting system and I think it has taken our baseball facility to the next level. L-Screens, Batting Cages, Safety Netting and Cable systems are areas they excel in. I wouldn't think of adding to any of these areas without calling on the expertise of Burbank Sport Nets. They are the Best.
Jack Leggett
Hall of Fame Coach, Clemson Baseball
Burbank Sport Nets are the best that money can buy. We have used Burbank’s products since the JU Softball program began and they are still like brand new! Our backstop, hitting cages and all of our on-field screens and nets are Burbank. A safe, quality product that is affordable and more than worth its cost! Once you go Burbank, you’ll never go back!
Ali Higgs
Former Head Softball Coach, Jacksonville University