The following are frequently asked questions, if you are unable to find the information you need below, or elsewhere on our website please contact us.

How Do I order from Burbank Sport Nets?

Products such as L Screens, Mounds, Ball Carts, and other standard equipment can be purchased online using a major credit card.

Schools, Universities, Municipalities that work with purchase orders can shop online, and even print estimates from the shopping cart. Purchase Orders can then be emailed or faxed to our office to be executed. We offer Net 30 billing terms for most approved educational institutions and municipalities.

Finally, orders such as custom backstop netting, custom designed batting cages, or other non-standard equipment or nets can be ordered by calling our office and speaking to one of our sales associates. Custom orders can also be emailed in so that we may respond with a formal quote and provide design assistance.

Contact information for Sales and Customer Support: 

General Sales Inquiries
904-321-0976 MAIN

Rusty Green - National Sales Manager
904-504-7517 DIRECT

Josh Kubala - Project Manager
904-557-9933 DIRECT

Hunter Burbank - Production Manager
904-557-9936 DIRECT

Fax: 904-321-1820

What is BSF Paint Dip Treatment?
bsf dipping process all weather netting
Born from the commercial fish and shrimp trawl industry...BSF Paint Dip Treatment is a process perfected by Burbank Trawl Makers over years of testing and use in the harsh marine environments. Burbank Trawl Makers, Inc. now doing business as Burbank Sport Nets has it's origins in the ocean trawl fish and shrimp net industry. We apply our EXTRA BSF Dip treatment to the same "dyed" and "UV Bonded" netting that other companies offer, making our nets last up to 60% longer than the competition. This same special treatment that is used on marine trawls to waterproof, and protect from the UV sunlight, also protects and adds life to our sport nets. The success of this treatment can be easily seen in the resilience of our dipped netting products in the "cactus baseball leagues" of Arizona and New Mexico where the UV rays are magnified.
The BSF treatment also adds abrasion resistance, breaking strength, and ensures your netting will keep its black color. We often re-dip old batting cages, and screen nets...the treatment is the soul of the quality in which Burbank has built it's business.
For more information about our BSF Paint Dip Treatment, contact us at: info@burbanksportnets.com
What is UDR2 Dyneema netting?

UDR2 Dyneema netting is a product by Burbank Sport Nets made from UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). Burbank Sport Nets introduced this product to the baseball world in the early 1980's as a backstop at the Chicago White Sox stadium. Since then we have installed this premium net system in high-class stadiums across the country and around the world.

The biggest benefits of the UDR2 Dyneema netting over it's competition is Break strength, longevity, visibility, and its ability to keep its black color for the duration of the product. For more information about UDR2 Dyneema or for assistance with other netting related questions, please contact us at: info@burbanksportnets.com

What is the difference between a "PRO" and a "STANDARD" Screen?

Our PRO screens have welded wheel bases for portability. Our STANDARD screens have adjustable legs only (no wheels). You can however order a wheel kit to add to a Standard screen.

Can I get replacement nets for my custom or off-brand screens and equipment?

Yes, we offer replacement nets for all of our products, and for most other brand products as well. Please feel free to fax us the dimensions of your screen or portable cage so that we can give you a quote on a custom replacement net. Our BSF treated HD nets typically outlast the stock nets by 5+ years.

Can I get replacement parts for my Burbank screens or equipment?

Yes, contact us by phone or email to request replacement parts for any of our products.

Can my nets be patched, repaired or re-dipped?

Yes, we offer patch kits for backstops, screens and batting tunnels. Many of our customers also send us their used nets to have them repaired and re-dipped in our shop. Contact our sales team for information about repairing and re-furbishing nets.