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History of Burbank Sport Nets

The Burbank family has been manufacturing shrimp and fish trawls by hand for 89 years. William Hunter Burbank Sr. was a commercial fisherman and net maker since the early 1900s. His son William Hunter Burbank Jr. came into the net making business in the late 1940s after he served on the USS Tennessee during World War II. He had four sons, William Hunter Burbank III, Thomas, David and John. William (Billy), owner of Burbank Sport Nets, along with Tommy, Johnny and a host of other employees produce sport nets for customers all over the world.

Burbank Sport Nets would later revolutionize the baseball backstop industry with the introduction of UHMWPE fiber at the Chicago White Sox stadium in the early 1980s. This fiber was first used by the Burbanks making nets that would help conserve fuel consumption by shrimp boats in the 70s.

In 1979, Jack Rhine, then baseball coach for Orange Park High School and later head coach at the University of Florida, had the Burbank family build him a batting cage. From that day until now, the Burbank family prides itself in quality and workmanship.

We are the leaders in backstop netting and installation, foul ball netting, tunnels, barrier netting and frames. We have our own welding shop on-site which manufactures some of the best products available. We manufacture all types of portable roll-on cages, screens, mounds, etc., or any idea you can come up with. The products that Burbank Sport Nets produces are truly custom made.

Our backstops and other products can be found in many major college facilities and over 75% of Major League facilities; Arizona Diamond Backs, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves to name a few.

Burbank Sport Nets Collage

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